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What We Can do for YOU!

At Feature-In Scapes, We are Insanely Passionate About what we do,

Like the Cheshire Cat Said: ""We’re all mad here"

What is it that we do, you ask?

We design your unique garden, pool or feature from the ground up.

We select only the most practical and beautiful plants to suit your needs as well as the perfect cladding finish or decking to fit the aesthetic of your preexisting home or we can start a fresh and give you something your visitors will take a second glance at every time.

Whatever it is that you have in your mind or that you want, we will make the best and most practical design to give you just that! Or maybe you have no idea what to do and are in desperate need of an overhaul, we are here to make the dreams you have and the dreams you didn't even know you had a reality!!

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